February 21, 2008

To Be or Not To Be?

To go for the prefect interview or not to go to the prefect interview,
That is the question.

School today,
Only 3 classes had to come,
While the other 3, Epsilon, Gamma and Kappa had a day off.
Talk about unfairness.
Most of the teachers didn't come,
Had moral class,
Maths class,
2 History class and
Geography class.
The History teacher came in to substitute one maths class,
Making it 2 classes.

Went home,
Half dead,
The walking zombie.
I almost fell asleep using the computer,
I was like dozing off and on,
Lucky thing I didn't went face flat on the keyboard.
My father came out from his room and asked me to go rest,
He heard me snoring outside,
What the...

Didn't sleep at all,
But was feeling better.
I miss my beauty sleep ._.

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