February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to those who are and who are not celebrating =)

Can't seem to recall what I wanted to blog.
Doing last minute homework,

I don't get that person sitting to the right side in front of me,
Keeps asking stupid stuff,
And keep seeing other people's stuff,
What's the problem with him?

Blake came to my class,
And he called me out like he wanted to fight me outside class,
Turns out that Pn. Chong wanted to see me,
She said that I was the representative of PBSM to do something during the appointing of prefects.
Er... Okay...
And I'm in charge taking photos this Saturday.
Did I mention about this Saturday?
There is the course regarding emergency rescue,
And after that a bunch of us are going to Xiang Min's house,
And Sunway Pyramid after that, hopefully.

Pn. Chong also asked me to help out with the presentation or some report,
Saying that I'm so good in these things,
Mentioning my blog too -.-
Hope every single thing will turn out okay,
Or better than that.

Have to start on the Malay literature group work tomorrow.

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