February 18, 2008

White Lighter

Okay, I'm not some white lighter for the TV series, "Charmed".
It some how came to my mind 'cause I wore full white to school today.
Had to wear that PBSM uniform and do something during assembly.

Went in class after recess,
Brought my school bag everywhere.
Didn't finish up most of the homework that I was suppose to.
Didn't got into much trouble, luckily.

Went to Jia Yu's house for the group work again.
Kar Mern, Cui Ting and Jia Yu were cooking some noodle-ish food,
While I ate chicken rice that I bought before going there.
Spent like,
20 minutes?
Doing the group work,
Mostly went to use the computer,
And of course,
We played mah-jong,
It was fun =)
Didn't gamble though,
We were good, innocent kids, teenagers.

I want to sleep ._.

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