February 17, 2008

Tired. Very Tired. Damn Tired.

Went to Jia Yu's house after school,
Had to do the Malay literature group work.

Went for a course for PBSM,
It was about the injuries in sports.
8.00 a.m. - 12.oo p.m.+
After that,
Went Sunway Pyramid.
Quite some number of us,
Me, Josh, Kar Mern, Angeline, Fiona, Hui Teng and her *ahem*, Xiang Min and her *ahem* too.
Thanks to Fiona's father and his Alfa Romeo.

Watched Jumper

Not a bad movie,
It was nice,
Very nice,
Not that nice.
Er, 4 out of 5 for me.
Angeline was like so crazy over the actors,
Especially the main actor, Hayden Christensen.

Went Sushi Groove, again,
For lunch.
A lot of pictures,
But I'm lazy to post them.
Only 6 of us ate there,
Me, Fiona, Angeline, Josh, Hui Teng and Kar Mern.
Total of...
*Oh crap where is the receipt*
Never mind,
It was around RM112.

Went J.CO after that,
3 of us,
Fiona, Josh and me.
Ate 2 donuts / doughnuts each.
Went back after that.

Josh went to my house 'cause he had to wait for his parents,
Around 10 p.m.
So he joined me for dinner / supper that day.

Did you know how tired was I?
I didn't want to sleep that early so I went to try out new themes on my phone,
I download quite a lot of them earlier,
After trying 3 or 4 of them,
I slept.
I slept.
Just like that.
I woke up to find out that my phone was still at the themes folder.

This morning,
Went church,
Took down sermon notes for the 1st time,
I'm saying the point of the whole sermon in a general way,
It says that we must think positively,
For example,
You're sick,
And you say that you're sick,
And 10 other people will think that you're sick.
In fact,
We should say we are okay,
Then other people will say we're okay,
And then we will feel better.
It's like the amazing powers of positiveness.

Youth was great,
But I'm tired.
Went home,
Lied on the sofa and slept.
I hate sleeping without air-conditioners,
Makes my back sweaty.
Still got homework to do,
But I'm so tired ._.

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