February 26, 2008

Argh, that feeling again.

That feeling of I-have-some-time-but-not-actually-much-time with my whole lot of unfinished-need-to-pass-up-tomorrow-homework.

Finish tuition homework,
Finish school work,
Get ready for tomorrow's presentation.

Tomorrow have to skip all the classes before recess,
Need to practise for the demonstration again.

*Goes crazy*
*Freezes time*

Yea, right.
If only I can do that.

A list of homework I have.

English - Literature, been leaving it along for so long, don't even know when the teacher needs it.

Malay - Presentation tomorrow* and my essay*.

Chinese - Weekly diary thing*, calligraphy and the exercise book*.

Maths - Some exercises from the text book.

Science - Some homework long ago, didn't bother to touch it.

Geography - Exercise* and notes*.

History - Finish up my notes*.

Living Skills - Check my notes* and do exercises*.

Civics - Folio.

Moral - Quite some old exercises, notes and the scrap book thing. Oh yea, the art competition -.-

Arts - Some drawing.

The ones with * are due tomorrow,
Oh great, 9 8 7 6 5*s.


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tygrisskisa said...

how did i get to your blog?
haha. explored all over, got to larry's blog, saw your comment and viewed your blog after that.

familiar??? what's familiar?