November 8, 2007


Yup, boring.
Looking forward to go Mid Valley tomorrow.
Today, I'm going to my father's friend's house,
To celebrate Deepavali.

I started to have a habit of read books before I go to sleep.
Not school books,
But novels or story books.
I'm currently reading "Island".
It is a trilogy,
First part was on the ship, Shipwreck,
Second part was stranded on an island, Survival.
Third part was leaving the island, Escape.

So far I'm at the second part.
This is the 1st time I read a book that fast,
Normally a books takes me few weeks to finish it,
I don't like to read a whole day like other people.

For the trip tomorrow,
Mid Valley, confirmed.
Taxi, since there is only me, Josh, Kar Mern and Fiona. Any Objections?
Or maybe bus, since there is a bus straight to Mid Valley.
Movie, Josh wants to watch Beemovie, I have no objections, Kar Mern and Fiona agree?
10 a.m. at the old bus stop?
Any other suggestions?

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