November 21, 2007

Hong Kong =D

Going to Hong Kong tomorrow =D
5 days =D
Don't try to contact me =D

Didn't post anything for these few days,
I'll try to summarise everything.

2 days ago,
Went to Mines Wonderland for the book exhibition.
It was ... not to say boring,
But just not suitable for me,
Because all the books there are in Chinese,
And I don't like reading Chinese books.

The people there were kinda friendly,
A lot of them are from China.
I guess Chinese people are friendly =)

So, me and my father bought some stuff,
Subscribed Reader's Digest and National Geographic,
Hope I will read it =X

Science teacher suddenly mentioned about the Education Ministry discussing,
About whether should they change the Science and Mathematics back to Malay.
I seriously don't understand what are these "grown-ups" trying to do.
Changing the language was an improvement,
And now they want to change it back just because "we" can't adapt to it.
I think it is more of the teachers problem,
They are the ones who can't adapt to it,
And not the students.

I mean,
When you can't live in an environment,
We are suppose to adapt ourselves to it,
And not changing the environment instead.
This way,
We will never improve.
They are big,
We are small.
Can't do much.

Did I mentioned that my grandmother went back to her hometown?
Because me and my mom are going to Hong Kong,
Leaving my father alone at home,
So they decided to send her back.
Well, I'm not suppose to feel happy,
It is wrong.
It is just a period of freedom.
Ahhh~ *relief*

Bye readers,

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