November 1, 2007

Class Party~!

Went to school as usual,
Waited for the party to start,
Kar Mern seemed like she was in a rush,
Because she couldn't contact Pizza Hut,
Afraid that they couldn't make it in time.
Yet in the end,
Everything turned out well.

A lot of students brought cameras,
Flashes here and there.
Ate, drank, chit-chatted, enjoyed ourselves.
1st was Jelly Cake,
Then Mee Hoon,
Then Pizza,
Then McD Chicken Burger.
Excuse me.
Wai Lun wanted to eat more Jelly Cakes,
But the girls didn't let him,

Some teachers came in to eat,
Nothing much,
Typical class party.

After that,
Around 12.30 p.m.,
I had the Cooperation Party.
This one was kinda boring,
We just ate there.
My tummy is filled.
Kentz came by to say good bye,
And I still don't know when is the last day of school,
Either tomorrow,
Monday, or Tuesday,
Still wondering how am I going to collect the Scholastic books.

Add- on :
Oh ya,
I must make use of this holiday,
I'm currently thinking of learn more about computer stuff,
Like HTML-ing or graphic .. whatever stuff.
Any other suggestions?

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