November 2, 2007

*Lights Flashing*

Went to school,
Met up with Kar Mern, Hui Teng and Josh going to Blake's house,
Don't ask me why.

Before recess,
Everyone was taking pictures,
Except me,
Me and some other people try to avoid being snapped.
Suddenly we had to go to the so called school hall,
No idea why.

Once we were there,
The whole place was jam-packed.
2 police or whatever gave some talk about typical student stuff,
About not doing to wrong thing and to do the right thing.
We all know about these stuff,
It only depends on whether we care about it or not.
Wasted out time.

After recess,
Took more pictures.
A bunch of girls kept trying to snap my face,
I gave up avoiding them.
After that was lunch,
We laughed like crazy maniacs,
People were staring at us.

After I reached home,
Took a bath,
And tried to self take pictures,
It was so stupid, =X.

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