November 29, 2007

Ups and Downs.

-Up part-

Went to IOI Mall with Kentz today.
I was a backup plan ._.

We went there and met up with another 2 girls,
Natasha and Nicole,
Kentz's friends.
So we went to watch Enchanted,
*Sorry Blake >.<*
Later on,
We went for lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.
Actually only 3 of us went there,
Nicole went to Star Bucks.

So we went bowling,
I didn't expect this,
Apparently Kentz didn't gave me much details.
I sucked at bowling ._.
So Kentz's mom came and send me home,
Thanks aunt =)

-Down part-
Actually, it wasn't very bad,
Freaked me out!!

Went for tuition at Success Score,
That time was a raining,
Quite heavily.

While walking up the stairs,
I heard some stomping up there.
I looked up,
Not those friendly, cute, cuddly type,
It was wet, stray, drooling type!
I was only half way up the stairs,
And the dog was COMING DOWN THE STAIRS!!
I ran down the stairs,
Being careful not to trip and roll down.

The dog ran straight across the road,
Lucky it didn't follow me!
I went back up,
The whole place was covered in faeces and urine.


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