November 9, 2007

Extremely Fun and Exciting Day!

Few days of planning and calling friends to inform them about this trip totally paid off.

The people who went there were me, Josh, Kar Mern and Angeline.
In the morning,
Around 9 a.m.,
My mom sent me, Kar Mern and Angeline to the bus stop on the way to work.
She had to go straight to Angeline's house because she was going to be late.
When they came out of the house,
My mom said something that made me laughed out loud!

*Ah hem*
Back to the trip.
We went to the bus stop,
And informed Josh that we arrived.
We went across the overhead bridge to the other side.
So Josh came,
And we waited for the bus to come.
Other people just went up the 1st bus they see,
While we stand like idiots waiting for specific buses.

Our bus stop was a fruit stall,
Yea, a fruit stall.
We kinda got scolded for standing there, blocking the way.
We got up a bus,
Rapid KL.
After reaching Mid Valley,
We went to buy tickets,
After some long conversation,
We ended up watching Star Dust instead of the Bee Movie that Josh wanted to watch.
So we, I mean I ate breakfast at McDonald's.
The others drank Coke,
Courtesy of me!

Later on,
We walked separately.
Josh and I we to find presents for his beloved sister,
And also hunt down a sling bag for himself,
I didn't have anything in mind,
Except A-Cash!!
The girls,
Er... don't know where they went.

So after Josh went to many shops,
He finally bought a Baby-T for RM30.
We went back to the cinemas around 12 p.m.,
Bought popcorn and drinks,
And went in.

The movie was nice!
Well, it was just quite OK to be honest,
Kinda like, nice, but not THAT nice.
Want to know how was the show?
Go watch it yourself =)

After that,
Went walking separately again.
Josh continued his bag hunt.
We went across to the new mall,
Which is a part of Mid Valley,
Called "The Garden".
The place was nice,
Maybe it's because it is still new.
The directory had a big touch-screen,
Which was hard to maneuver.
A pair of sandles at Mid Valley was RM 70,
But a pair at The Garden was RM 170,

Went back for lunch around 4 p.m.,
This was the 'climax' of the whole trip.
Pizza Hut was jam packed,
Long John Silver's was... normal.
But wait, look over the the left of that.
Sushi King!
Kids like us dinning at Sushi King?
It is expensive!
In the end we still went in though.
I can't remember the names of the food that we ate,
But mine was so small!!
So I had to order some side dishes.
This is the 1st time I ate at the famous Sushi King.
Some aunt came in with a few children of hers.
At 1st we didn't notice her,
Until she started to talk,
Or should I say,
She started complaining out loud about the poor service,
That no one served her for 15 minutes,
Saying this kind of service is out.

We listened closely at what was she complaining about,
She is damn fierce,
She started complaining in English,
Then in Malay.
We acted like we was her and made a joke out of it.
Before going out,
She said this in Chinese, "Got money scared nothing to eat?"
She asked another son to pay,
Well, at least I think it is another son.
Suddenly she stomped in and spew some vulgar,
We laughed and was kinda freaked out,
Want to know what she said?
Asked me personally =P

So we continued eating,
Keep discussing about that 'show'.
It was interesting,

Later on,
Josh bought presents for Vivian and Hui Teng,
And we all walked to the bus stop.
The people there were desperate,
Going up a bus where there was clearly no more space.
We didn't care that much,
We just took a cab to a coffee shop nearby my house.

While waiting,
My mom appeared,
Turned out that she was on the way back that time,
What a coincidence!

Oh ya,
I forgot to say that I bought 30k A-Cash,
Shhh, this is a secret =P

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