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Feeling Moody...

Yea, don't know why,
Call me an emo,

Just felt like blogging,
Life kinda gets boring.
Church today,
Well, morning service was boring,
Youth was okay but a little extinguished,

Maple Story,
Laggy, and sad.
Trading? Sucked in it.
Yea yea, got around 40m,
But somehow all went missing.
Must write down everything next time.

Shop closed down ._.
Don't know why I can't seem to find things around me interesting anymore.
Am I drifting away?
Drifting away in to the endless seas?
Alone, cold, and lost.
That best explains my feelings now.

Sipping some tea,
Letting life drift away.
I promised myself to do something meaningful...
I meant something that is good.
Well, nothing is happening till now.
I have a feeling that I will waste this year end holidays like the other 13 years.

If only... *sigh*, never mind.

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