November 5, 2007

Bad results. (Part 2)

Got lectured by my father,
It wasn't as bad as I thought.
He said that I must concentrate on my History subject.
Oh, and by the way,
These are my results.

Malay - 75% (Well, out teacher is the strictest among other Malay teachers.)
English - 81% (Somehow, teacher was kinda stingy on the marks this time.)
Mathematics - 95%
Science - 92%
History - 65% (Blame myself for it.)
Geography - 83% (No idea.)
Living Skills - 69% (Haven't seen my paper yet.)
Moral - 58% (2 parts, exam and folio. For the exam, I didn't memorise the moral values. For the folio part, students who did 'family' topic got low marks (around 10), wheres others topics can get higher marks (20+).)
Chinese - 60% (Essay went out of topic.)
Sivik - 72% (3 more marks!.)
Arts - 81% (Unexpected.)
Physical Education (theory) - 53% (Seriously, who cares about it?)

Total of 884 marks,
Average 73.67%

How sad is that.
I wanted to add what my father said to me,
But on second thought,
I shall not post it.
Well, it is all my fault,
No one else I can blame.
My fault for not studying and making stupid excuses for myself.

There is one more scarier thing,
My mother haven't see the results.

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