November 16, 2007

Found my True Love once again.

Who is it?
That will be my beloved computer =D
So sad, it went to the hospital for the last two days.
1st day without my beloved one was like HELL.
Had to find some stuff to kill time,
Finished some 3D puzzle thing,
About constellations on the 1st day.
And the boredom started to kick in.

These two days,
Well, all I had was free time.
Made me thought of a lot of stuff,
Really hate those things going into my mind,
And also had a stupid nightmare,
About changing to a new school with a totally different environment.
Whole thing was scary.

These two days gave me a conclusion,
Which is..

My like is meaningless and pointless.
Don't get me wrong here,
I'm not trying to be emo,
But without the computer,
I had literally nothing else to do!
Well, it is back now.
Not gonna sleep tonight~~

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