November 17, 2007

Primary Gathering~

Okay, before I start that,
I'll share with my beloved readers about the problem that I had with my computer.
Yesterday night,
I finally got back my computer!
Couldn't start Maple Story and my mother's friend (the guy who repaired my computer),
Told me to uninstall Maple Story and reinstall it.
I didn't have the latest game client so I had to download it all again.
Got rid of Flash Get and started using BitComet,
It was slow, but way faster than Flash Get.

The estimated time was 8 hours,
So I had to leave my computer on for the whole night.

Today, woke up,
And started to do the uninstalling and reinstalling.
Guess what,
As I had predicted,
I still couldn't play it.
I was devastated (please tell me is the way of usage for this word compatible or correct)
My mom called up the M-Link technician and also 2 of her friends.
All of them couldn't help me.
So I had to find my own ways,
All my mom said was to quit Maple Story and start a new game.
I didn't gave up.

So after asking around in the forums and googling for solutions,
I tried them all.
Downloaded DirectX 9c,
This that.
In the end,
I deleted the Graphic Card Driver and reinstalled another one that I found on the Internet.

Okay, my gathering.
Went to this steamboat restaurant at Jalan Kenari (opposite of IOI mall)
Around, 5.20 p.m.
We were kinda awkward at first,
But later on,
We became like a big family.
(Getting emotional here -.-)

Ate, A LOT.
I'll try to list down the people that were present for that day.
(Forgive me if I missed you out of misspelt your name)
1. Ee Chern (Organiser)
2. Kai Feng
3. Wee Sen (for like 30 minutes only)
4. Ee Jay (just came to say hi and went off)
5. Jun Keat
6. Kritz (=X)

7. Fennie
8. Ning Jin
9. Wei Jin
10. Pui Yee
11. Jing Wen
12. Zhen Bi
13. Alicia
14. Ying Ying
15. Man Yee
16. Yoke Hua
17. Hui Ming

And of course,
Our beloved class teacher, Miss Wu (direct translation from Chinese)

Ate, talked, played.
Even though we were separated for such a long time,
We still could get in touch with each other like we just left school yesterday.
And Ee Chern was so scared that the whole thing would be a failure.
But actually,
It was very good,
Considering it is the 2nd year that we've graduated from Yak Chee.

Didn't cared much about in pain in my gum,
My mom say it is an ulcer.
The whole table was really messy.
In the end,
My mom couldn't fetch me,
So I had to ask Pui Yee's mom to send me back.
Thanks Pui Yee =)

Really looking forward to the next gathering.
Thinking of ... something like a resort or chalet?

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