November 14, 2007

New Monitor.... D=

It is sad.
This new monitor will 'black out' once in awhile,
Okay maybe not,
It is often!!

What I meant by 'black out',
Is like this :
When you switch on the monitor before switching on the CPU,
You will see a blinking light on the monitor,
Like 'standby mode'.
My problem is,
When I'm using the computer,
The monitor will appear as 'standby mode' in a sudden.
I've found a way to overcome this,
That is leaving Maple Story on.
If it blacks out,
I will click ALT + Tab and it wil change to Maple Story,
Because both have different resolutions,
So I will need to change a adapt to the other one.
Very troublesome!

Well, tomorrow my mom will be taking the 'new' monitor back,
Need send to some service thing,
And I will have to put up with the old one.

I had to do the ALT + Tab thing for over 10 times to finish typing this entry.

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