November 3, 2008


Suddenly I don't feel like blogging about it any more.

There was this 'amazing' programme in school,
PPSMI or something like that.

We were suppose to find our own groups.

And our teacher told us to mix races,
But when we asked,
No one was interested in leaving their groups,
And the teacher didn't say anything after that,
So we just leave our group as it is.

After that,
I went out to help a teacher,
Typing certificates and stuff like that.

Then when I went back to the school hall,
They were already doing the 3rd paper.

Out of a sudden,
The teacher in charge started scolding us,
Because our group only consists of Chinese.

She started increasing her volume,
Mentioning words like 'perkauman' and stuff,
*rolls eyes*

So what?
So now we are a bunch of racists?
Rejecting Malay students to join our group?
What did we do anyway?
So what if other groups have 1 or 2 persons of the different race?
It's just because they're lucky that others are willing to join you.
And does that make them so non-racist and full of moral values?
We didn't even do anything.
And we did not reject other people from joining us,
It's just that no one else wanted to join us.

We DID try to ask others to join.
Was there a need to scold us in that way?

Some people are just so ridiculous,
What 'perkauman'?
Racial issue now?
SELANGOR: Students Are Said To Be Stirring Up Racial Issues Because They Did Not Have Other Races In Their Groups.

On the bright side,
Tomorrow's the last day of school for Form 3 students who are participating in the trip to Sky Bridge, KLCC.
For others,
Today would be the last day.

And I thought last year ended all of a sudden,
This year,
It just ended,
Like that.

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