November 29, 2008

Car broke down :(

My father came down with some weird allergy problem,
He was itching all over and he went to see the doctor.
Nothing much already I guess.

Went out with mum,
Suppose to go to 2 shops selling medical stuff before going to visit my grandmother.

While going to the 1st stop,
Some pharmacy opposite of IOI Mall,
I saw uncle John!

After the 1st stop,
On the way to the 2nd one,
My mother's car broke down at the side of some highway in Subang.

It was sad.

While waiting for the mechanic to come,
I saw dead rat's skin without meat and clean white bones,
I saw RM10 slitted into the bark of some tree,
I saw random people coming out from no where and going no where,
There were random Tamil radio station coming out from no where.

That guy came,
Suddenly the engine was working again.

So mum continued driving while the mechanic followed behind,
The workshop was at some Shell station along some highway.

The car had weird sounds,
I could imagine it suddenly blowing up.
Watching too much shows =.=

While we were at BK4,
Suddenly the car broke down again,
At a traffic light.
And I saw Jayshaan!
What a nice place to meet?

He came again,
Pushed it to the Petronas station right beside it,
And he sent us back to our homes.

Basically that was what happened today.

Cousin Sis (a.k.a. bigmoon a.k.a. Tracy a.k.a. cikgu Chan) and I made egg sandwiches.
She did most of the things though,
Boiling the egg and everything.
Tasted not bad :D

Currently playing my PSP again,
God of War: Chains of Olympus in God mode is hard,
And I don't mean I myself in God mode,
I mean the difficulty -.-

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