November 23, 2008

Class gathering!!

Today was the day my fellow primary classmates gathered together for a reunion.

It was just like yesterday when we were studying in class and getting prepared for UPSR ...

I arrived at Ning Jin's house quite early,
But there were already a few of them over there.

Everything was so cold at first ...

Us guys were kinda talking a little at the start,
And they were all shy to eat the food.

Guys, lol.

Started eating,

Everything was like the way it would have been 3 years ago.
And everything was just warming up.

After the arrival of our beloved class teacher,
Everything was even more heated up.
Girls went in while the guys started eating the leftovers.

I told you they were shy.

We spent time chatting more,
Each in their gangs or little cliques,
But I don't think anyone got left out.

Out of a sudden,
The the lights went off and the only thing we could see in the living room was the lights flashing from cellphones.
Of all the times,
It decided to blackout.

We all moved out,
And the whole environment made everyone more hyped up.

Teh Ee Chern was doing his thing,
Performing in the dark while we all cheered and clapped.
Even Gan Chee Yiap joined in,
He played the piano,
One of Jay Chou's recent song,
And Wee Sen was rapping to it.

Lights came back,
We all went back in.

Everyone continued whatever they were doing,
And people started to go back.
Around 10 pm,
I went back.

In my class,
There will always be one to make the whole environment alive,
And the others of us to contribute to it.
Even the teacher was amazing,
After 3 years she could still remember most of us,
Joking around together with us.

One doesn't need to fight for attention in this gang,
We are more like one whole class,
Everyone playing their own role to make it the way it is.
Being the lively semi-nerds we are,
I think it's unlikely for us to stray away,
Deep down inside we will always be a part of 6H.

p.s. I didn't want to mention names much because I'm afraid that I might misspell most of them,
Since I only remember them by pronunciation and not by spelling.

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