November 1, 2008

Solemn State.

My grandmother was recently admitted into a hospital,
Due to some health problems.
According to my parents,
She got stroke,
But I'm not sure about how serious it is.

It's not that I don't care,
It's just that I don't know how to react to this.

Everyone's in this miserable and sad state,
Gloominess and moodiness is thick in the air,
Everything seems so ... different.

I guess this is just a part of life,
But I guess everyone is reluctant to face it.

So ... weird.
So ... unexplainable.

I just hope everything will go well and life will resume it's natural course,
Or maybe the course that we all want it to be.

* * *
There was suppose to be 4 outings,
One to KL,
But was cancelled,
One to my classmate's house,
But I'm not in the mood to face some people there,
One to my church outing,
And the last one to my primary friend's house.

In the end,
I went to my friend's house.

I met Ee Chern, Wee Sen, Jing Wen, Ning Jin and Shu Min there.
It was Ning Jin's house by the way.

The main agenda was to plan our coming primary classmates' gathering.
SJK (c) Yak Chee, class 6H, 2005.
I felt so excited before meeting them,
I thought things wouldn't be the same any more.

But I was wrong.

In less than 5 minutes,
We talked as if we've been close all along.
Of course,
All of them were closer because most of them are in the same school,
With the only exception which is me,
The only odd ball to go to a faraway school,
The last place others would want to go.

So we brainstormed for quite some time,
Giving ideas that will be perfect for our gathering.
So we've decided almost everything,
Information is as follows :
Venue : Ning Jin's house.
Date : 23rd November. (Sunday)
Time : 6pm - 10pm.
Price : RM15 (Still not confirmed)
I hope every 2005 6H graduate will be there,
I can't wait to meet everyone.

This small gathering kinda lifted my mood a little,
I laughed most of the time.
The whole atmosphere was so different compared to the way my current classmates and I talk.
How I wish we could share that same bond,
I felt so 'myself' with my primary classmates.

I guess,
It's different.

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