November 25, 2008

I need a room ...

Been sleeping in my parent's room for quite sometime,
Since my room became a guest room.
I really miss that freezing cold air-conditioner :(

What's worse was that my mother wasn't feeling well,
She didn't want to switch on the air-cond,
All I had was wind movement in the room.

I want cold air and no wind movement :(

Got much tuition homework to catch up with,
I actually think I'm interested in those scientific stuff.

I'm still thinking whether should I take up more subjects or not.
I'll have to have a lot of determination,
Because if I were to do that,
I'll have to be more hard working,
Maybe 5 times more hard working than my present situation.

Back to holiday talk,
Remember how I told myself I want to learn something,
It's not working.

I'm thinking of making a timetable,
For example few hours study what the tuition teacher has covered,
Few hours for online life,
Few hours for learning something new,
Few hours for book reading.

But what's the point,
As if that will happen.

1 month left!
Feels like it's going to end already.

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