November 22, 2008

Coincidence? I hope not.

While I was looking for some band that I've heard on MTV,
I couldn't really recall the band's name.

Out of a sudden,
I felt an urge to switch on MTV,
In case I miss them or something.

I tried remembering the band's name,
But failed.
If I were to see it again,
I will recognise it.

So yeah,
I was watching this music video,
Which obviously wasn't the song I was looking for,
But the band seemed familiar.

Could it be them?

That's the great thing about bands,
The always have that distinct style,
And they will never fail to make music the way you like it.

So anyway,
The band name appeared and it was really them!!

I hope not.

I hope I have powers. LOL
Sixth sense or something.

p.s. band's name is Glasvegas,
Some Scottish one.

* * *
Went to the hospital to visit my grandmother.

After that,
Went for dinner at some restaurant in Puteri Puchong area.

We ate at Chop Steaks,
And it's like F1,
Cheap western food plus some Chinese food.

When my mother's dish was served,
Followed by my father's,
I was just waiting there,
Munching down some coleslaw.

Turns out,

Next time,
I should just shout randomly to remind them or make sure they don't leave it out.

When everyone finished,
I was just starting to eat.

Food was okay,
And I think it has something to do with F1 because it was printed on the tissue.

Went 7-11 to find some online game client,
But either they don't understand me,
Or they really don't have it.

Went to Giant,
Walked around,
Did nothing,
Went back.

Now here I am,
Going to continue my series!
I'll blog about what I'm watching next time.

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