November 27, 2008

That small matter that matters to me.

Random post.

It might not matter for the most of you,
But it's quite an eyesore for me.

Please people,
Space after putting the full stop.

When you don't put spaces after the full stop,
All the words looks as if they're all bundled up.
For example,
My name is Kritz.Selangor is where I am right now.I like cheese.I like cookies too.Don't you like cookies too?

It doesn't hurt to space.
S p a c e people,
We need more s p a c e .

Especially for those,
Who have gigantic fonts or a small space for words,
When you don't space between the full stop and the first word of the new sentence,
The word before the full stop will be dragged along to the next line,
Which is another eyesore for me.

Example :
*copied this from my previous post, where the sentence ends exactly at the edge of my green word field. lol*

[56] You always done your homeworks/assignments: Sentence error? Anyway, no, lol.

It will be in two lines.

Without space :
[56] You always done your homeworks/assignments: Sentence error?Anyway, no, lol.

You see?

I wonder if I am actually a perfectionist,
But I definitely don't seem like one,
But sometimes I feel like one.

Oh never mind,
End of random post.

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