November 16, 2008

Back to where I should be.

Back to blogging cheesy, lame, meaningless, long, badly composed long rants about WHAT I THINK.


Back to the Innit Board I guess.
Since there's no harm,
But I'll promise myself not to lose myself,
For example like those people who blog for the sake of attracting temporary traffic...

But who am I to judge?
Right? ;)

A lot of things have been going through my mind these days,
But I'm just so lazy to blog about them.

They are just too mixed up.
Imagine when you lie on the bed,
And all these thoughts come bombarding you,
One second it'll be about this,
And suddenly something else arises...

Thank goodness that I fall asleep easily,
Or else I would be flippin' around in my bed @_@

I guess I'll take my time and write them all down,
Maybe it will make me feel better.

Let me recall what happen a few days ago ...


I can't remember anything.
Oh wait,
I went dinner with relatives yesterday night,
Nice Christmas decoration near Sunway Pyramid


And I have so many songs to catch up to,
So backtracked.


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