November 5, 2008

KLCC - Sky Bridge

The last day of school,
Around 80 Form 3 students went to the Sky Bridge trip.

We had to wear horrid PJ T-shirts and track bottoms,
So not comfortable.

The Sky Bridge was located on the 41st floor of KLCC,
If I remember correctly.

Walked around in the small exhibition room about KLCC,
Watched some video clip about KLCC,
And went up to the Sky Bridge.

Here are some badly taken pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Taken from the Sky Bridge. *looking downwards*

*overall view*

*facing up*

*Facing down* the bars holding up the Sky Bridge.

Another picture.

*toy cars :D*

Weird shape.

Looking to the right.

Schoolmates. The bridge.



Running out of captions.


Bridge again.

*yawn* sick of captioning.

It wasn't that bad,
Kinda cool.

I saw other schoolmates using SLRs and stuff,
Like wow.

Since all of us took turns to go up to the Sky Bridge,
And I was in the 2nd group,
We had time to lurk around.

At first we just wanted to go to the toilet,
I was interested in the RM 2 toilet while some went to the free ones.
There were some products laid there for our use but that person there walking around made me feel uneasy.

After that,
We didn't want to go back.
So we continued to walk around.
Me, Josh and Blake went to Cold Storage to buy something light to eat,
And on our way out,
I saw a Toys 'R' Us banner!

I'm not childish.

I wanted to buy a Rubik's cube!
Never thought I had this chance,
And I didn't want to lose this chance.
So I immediately ran off to the store and bought my lovely Rubik's cube <3
Others thought I was crazy.

Oh by the way,
I can solve it,
I don't buy for the sake of buying.

Continued walking and decided to go back,
Saw them moving to some place else,
So we just followed.

Suppose to go to the park,
But it was going to rain,
So we just headed back home.

Reached school,
Ate our free lunches,
Went back to class for the last time.

To reminisce the good old times, lol.

Oh yeah,
Before I end,
My lovely Rubik's cube <3



Jarod said...

My goodness! U went to KLCC bridge !!! I HAVA NOT BEEN THERE!!!!! Anyway. dun bother tat much,hahah

and i must salute u for your ability to solve Cube!

Kritz said...

Heh. Tak payah la. Maybe go at night!

Cube, anyone can solve with YouTube ;)