November 10, 2008


The view from our cable car,
Or 'Gondola'?

My father had the Silver Member card for Genting,
So we skipped the long queue and went to the express lane!

This is the front of the casino.
Couldn't go in,
Of course.
Had to be 21.
Age limits pfft.

First world.

Checked in quite late,
So didn't get to go to the outdoor theme park,
So sad ;_;

Ate KFC.
Yum ^^

Played Flying Coaster,
Where people lied on the tummies and flew on a roller coaster!
It's just like Superman flying,
Just very different.
The ride was less than a minute,
Spent RM12.
(12 each, but we had one free :D)

Went to the Motion Master (4D thing)
So much different than the ones I used to have long ago.
Last time it was more concentrated on chair movement,
Now with all those 3D stuff,
It was so ... lame.
Free though,
Father had World Points.

Rested a little,
Went to watch Quantum of Solace,
Which wasn't played in a cinema,
It was in some Arena of Stars?
Or some other arena.

It was just wrong.
The whole stage wasn't made for cinema watching,
It was for performing.
And the seats were just like chairs,
Thus no place to put my hands.

To increase to the sadness,
2 bald westerners HAD to sit right in front of me.
I had to watch the whole movie with 2 egged shaped heads hogging a part of my vision.

The movie was not bad though.

Went back to the room,
In the Resort Hotel,
(There's Highland hotels, Resort hotel, First world hotel, Genting hotel, Theme park hotel ... )
I spent time alone when my father went out to the casino.

Played PSP,
Watched TV,
Listened to music on my phone,

Woke up at 6,
No idea why so serious early.

Ate something light before going out for lunch.

I suck at taking pictures,
I know.


Hope I'll get to the theme park soon,
I crave for it.
I want my dose of adrenaline rush.

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