October 30, 2007


Well, UNO-ed again.
Also got my English results,
Which is around 81%,
Same as Kar Mern.
Wai Lun got some where around 71% I guess,
*Evil grins*

Josh and Hui Teng came to my house to do some Geography Project,
We talked,
Or should I say gossip about some of our friends.
I'm very... lost right now,
They are my friends,
But yet the more I hear and say,
The more it seems like an enemy to me.
But somehow,
Whatever I said were facts,
None of them are made up.
Just wished I could just spit it all here.

If only I have the password system like Cherrie's wordpress,
Then again,
If I don't give them the password,
They will know I'm talking about him/her.
No point.
Let those bad stuff just fade away,
Yea, its better off that way.

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