October 28, 2007

Is there anything wrong with me?

It's been awhile since I wrote a "Thoughts and Feelings" post.
Here goes.

I don't know why,
But I have a feeling that some people don't like me.
It makes me wonder,
Is it my way of talking?
Is it my attitude?
Is it just my appearance?
I know we are suppose to be ourselves and don't care about what other's think,
But I need to know!
Am I annoying?
Am I shallow?
Am I not philosophical enough?
These questions keep spinning around in my mind.

In church,
It is not that people don't like me,
But I can't find some one that I'm close with.
Same as in school and church,
No close friends.
Maybe I didn't try,
Or maybe,
I just haven't find the right person.

Some times,
I feel like no one notices me.
As if I'm invisible,
Or maybe I'm just not worthy of their attention.

All I could think of is to turn to God,
No one else is there for me.
Friends who are reading this,
Do tell me what is wrong with me.
I'm.. lost.

I have a whole lot more to type,
But I can't remember it all.
Next time, maybe.

1 comment:

tygrisskisa said...

haha sometimes i feel that way too.

but really. there's nothing wrong with you lahh.