October 11, 2007

The Whole World Came Falling Down.

I went to school when a lot of other students didn't go.
Before recess was boring.
All I could do was to read story books,
But I finished my English book.
Later then,
I saw a Chinese book at the girls.
I borrowed it and started reading.
Then LCT started to say the way I read is VERY SLOW,
Like insulting me,
And the others also followed her,
Except Kar Mern though,
I wonder what was she thinking that time.

While reading,
I couldn't concentrate,
On the left was Eirban and Wai Lun with their geek talk,
On my right was the girls with their oh-so-loud voice.
And the book was in Chinese,
What is wrong with me reading slow anyways,
Pissed me off,
Lucky I didn't kill someone.

After recess,
We got our Chinese and Mathematics paper 2 results,
Chinese was when my whole world came down.
29/60, because my essay was out of topic.
I'm thinking of the consequences now,
Imagine how my father would slaughter me up.

57/60, still, not good enough,
Because Kar Mern and Wai Lun got the same marks.
Hopefully I can get full marks for my paper 1.

I'm so lost now.

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