October 1, 2007

Truant, woo~

Never went to school this morning.
Wasn't feeling well.
*Evil grins*

Chatted with Kar Mern and Blake for quite some time.
It was fun.
And I just found out that Kar Mern was really good at piano,
Makes me think of O2jam.

Nothing much,
Till just now,

Last week I had Science examination.
This year,
I found it hard to concentrate during classes.
I was so scared that the results will turn out bad,
And the teacher will start making stories that I have a girlfriend.

Thank God!
I got 93%, which is the highest among all.
I'm so freaking happy now!!
Hope during the real exam next week,
I can score highest too!

My aim : Mathematics and Science highest!!

1 comment:

lucky_angel said...

wow! not bad having an aim...
but rmb to do your best to reach you aim k?
good luck in your exam too ^.^