October 9, 2007

I... must blog

Today was scary.
Science exam was okay,
But Moral was hard.

And suddenly Kar Mern broke the news about my Chinese paper results,
Oh my gosh.
I'm still thinking should I, or should not.
Don't ask.

They on the way back,
Some unidentified thing dropped on my head.
I think it is bird poop.
Argh, don't worry,
I washed my hair a lot of times.
Well, going off.
At least there was 1 good news,
Pn Liew is back and Thursday's exams are canceled.
My wish is granted ... in a different way.
My co-curriculum points aren't very amusing as well,
All Bs.

ADD ON - After tuition.
My tuition teacher Joshua Tay played his guitar and sang some old songs.
It was nice and funny,
Since it is the last day of tuition for this year.
And Wei Shern played some too.

For English,
Wei Shern sang that national anthem,
I've got no comments about this.

ANOTHER ADD ON - In school,
About LCT,
She is freaky,
Although she writes good essays,
But all her essays have a common thing,
People die.

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