October 22, 2007

Little Sad, Little Angry.

Today I went to the so called survey thingy.
It was really a waste of time,
Well, at least for me.

At first,
I went to Hou Yin's house around 4.30 p.m.,
After awhile,
Me, Hou Yin and Kentz took a cab to Damansara Intan,
Some shop lot with lots of office.

So this Lucas guy waved at us and we went to the 8th floor or some block.
We waited,
And waited,
And waited.
He served some food,
But I wasn't interested.

So later on we were requested to sit outside of the room so that we won't accidentally hear the conversation in the other room.
He asked a lot of questions,
Some how I didn't really like it.
1st he talked about my shirt,
Then my gaming,
Then 'linking' my thoughts,
I think I'm thinking too much,
Since that some thing happened later on.

After waiting for a long time,
We finally went in,
Well, some of us.
Me and another guy was excluded.
At first he said first batch go then later only second batch.
Ended up we were left outside,

Some gal gave us RM50 each,
But I didn't really cared about it,
I listened to the songs in my handphone,
I was really sad at that moment,
Thinking of why was I the one excluded.
Am I not philosophical enough or what?
I really wanted to kill some one that time.
Around 7.20 p.m.,
Lucas said that they will be coming out soon,
Since this well be a shorter session,
Then he left.
I waited,
And waited,
And waited,
Till 8.00 p.m.
At last,
They came out,
I felt like going home,

Later on,
We had to wait for our cab,
But the uncle said he needed some time to reach there.
So we walked around,
Me, Kentz and Hou Yin had some light food at a food stall nearby.
Kentz started to take pictures,
So we joked around while waiting for the cab.
Around 9 p.m.,
We finally took the cab.
So Hou Yin tested me some Science stuff,
Since tomorrow is my Science test,
While Kentz start sending his photos into his phone.

So we all went to our own homes.
Thanks Dangni for visiting,
Do visit more often.
And sorry to Cherrie for not doing to tag yet,
I'm tired,
But I must blog because I'm afraid that I might forget all those stuff.

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