October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween~!

I don't celebrate Halloween,
Well, doesn't get much attention in Malaysia.

Played more UNO at school to day,
Played 2 types,
Which is the 'Alfa' type and the 'Beta' type.
Well, both represents 2 different classes,
Only minor differences.

I can't seem to recall what happened today,
I still remember playing around with Wei Yong's chess set,
I mean throwing around =X.
PSS-es (librarians) went for some party at Giant.
Tomorrow is the cooperations turn,
Which is my turn~!
Coincidentally, it turns out to be my class party too.

Note to myself,
Remember to collect the books for Kentz next week.
Nothing much,
Leveled up to 112 in Maple Story today,

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