October 19, 2007

New Label : My Maple Story

If you all think this is stupid,
You're better off not reading this.

Yesterday I went for the Zakum quest 1, 2 and 3.
Thanks to Smack and Cheryl,
They showed me to ropes.
1st stage I didn't have to do anything much.
Just hit rocks and collect Paper Documents.
2nd stage was the jumping part,
It was fun!
3rd stage I had to collect 30 Gold Tooth from Minor Zombie.
Then I took the stuff to refine a Eye of Fire used to summon Zakum in the Altar.

Later on was boring,
Then suddenly they organized a Platapus fight.
At first I accidentally went in,
I didn't want to come out because I can only go in twice a day.
So I waited for a long time inside.
Suddenly my friend Dangny went online.
He whispered me,
Telling me that he was going to leave MapleSEA and move to Global.
I was suddenly stunned.
I didn't want him to change,
I will be boring without another friend.
I told him that I reached level 110,
He immediately said be right back,
I guess he went to Cash Shop to buy a Megaphone.
He came back and used it.
Less than 1 minute,
GMCDonPao came to visit me.
I was like, WOW.
We took some screen shots and he had to leave to continue his daily job.

After awhile the Platapus fight started.
2 parties were there,
And most of then died,
Left 1 party.
I was the only mage left,
Because all died due to the dispel.
Around 30% of the 1st form,
I was so sad,
So close,
And I could have obtained my Ludibrium cape.

It was 12 a.m.,
Most of them left,
But suddenly Botak said there was a second round!
So this time,
I tried my best,
And we made it!
I was so happy.

This is my happiest Maple experience.

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