October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya to all~

This morning,
Woke up around 7.30 a.m. to send my mother to her friend's house.
My mom will be staying at Penang for the next 5 days,
Left me, my dad and my grandmother at home.

My father sent my mom to some apartment,
Later on he fetch my mom and her friends to some house,
Then fetch them back to the apartment,
Pity my dad.

Later on,
After leaving my mom and her friends,
Me and my dad went for breakfast around Sri Petaling area,
He ate some noodle and I ate chicken chop.

We came back and do our own stuff,
I played Maple Story,
While my dad sleeps.
My Maple Character leveled up today!
Level 109, yea!

Around 12.45 p.m.,
We went out again,
This time we went to Giant at BK 5 to do some grocery shopping.
Yesterday night market,
Today Giant,
Have I changed or what?
Because normally I well refuse to go,
Maybe I'm in a good mood.
So after shopping,
We wanted to find some lunch.
The food court had only 1 stall open,
Which is packed,
Secret Recipe, too expensive,
Kluang Station, not interested,

In the end,
Went to out house area to eat some noodle,
Sad, was looking forward to some thing special.
I'm back at home,
And I'm happy that my Internet is working,
Because Blake can't go online due to some phone line problem,

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