October 8, 2007

I switched on the computer!

That means the end of my life.
Today's exam was Bahasa Melayu (2), Mathematics (2) and PJK (a.k.a. PE).
Not much problem,
But I think my Malay essay wasn't very good,
I'm not good at essays anyways.

Tomorrow is Science (2) and Moral,
On Wednesday and Thursday is Geography and History respectively.
I was hoping for a holiday on Thursday,

It is all Pn. Noreyah's fault,
She wanted me to print another copy of the Chinese essay for the school magazine.
Yea, you're eyes aren't fooling you.
Maybe that is my only presentable essay.

Just now during lunch,
In the restaurant opposite of my school,
I saw Chan Wai Lun and his sister and mother.
And his face was just in front of me.
The way he ate,
Oh my gosh,

Need to study!
Tuition later!
Wish me luck!

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