October 21, 2007

Have you eat chocolates before?

Today I missed church to join some survey thing.
Hou Yin invited me and Kentz.
At first he said 10 p.m.,
So I thought that I could miss morning service and join the youth session around 2 p.m.
Ended up the guy change the time to 12 p.m.
So I thought I can make it for youth.
Then again he changed the time to 2 p.m.
Great, no church for me today.
I feel so wrong.

When we were there,
We waited awhile for the guy to come. (seriously I don't know what is the guy's name)
The 1st thing I saw was his packet of cigarettes,
I wanted to tell Kentz about it but think again,
It isn't very polite.

The guy was quite friendly,
He joked around like friends,
Even though he is categorized as an adult.
He kept saying my name was hip-hop-ish,
And so was my e-mail address,
The Seth part.

I had to say my father works as a Operating Manager,
Because they didn't want anyone who works for the press for surveys.
The he asked a bunch of stuff about snacks,
He had to manipulate some stuff,
I don't know why.

He sent us home after smoking,
And also paid for our drinks.
I didn't thought an adult did stuff like us, teenagers.
Tomorrow I need to go to some place and reach before 5.30 p.m.,
I still got exams!

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