October 23, 2007

Hard to Sign In.

Some thing is wrong with Blogger these two days,
Wonder does it have anything to do with the news about Bloggers defaming Malaysian Governmental stuff.

Today, killed 4 subjects,
And tomorrow is the last day of my exams.

Nothing much,
As usual,
Typical teenager life,
Not that typical,
Kinda abnormal,
Ah, whatever, crapping here.

There was this lizard on a table before taking our Chinese exam.
The tail came off,
And it was moving by itself,
Not the lizard,
It was freaky,
I know about the tails that move themselves but this is the 1st time I actually saw 1.
Later on,
Wei Yong took a rubber dust thing that looked like a tail,
And threw it at the girls.
The girls,
I'm not sure which,
Took the actual tail at threw at Wei Yong,
Ha ha ha ha.
After chatting awhile with Eirban,
Eirban kept saying that he has a feeling that the tail is still around,
Maybe Wei Yong is sitting on it.

Wei Yong suddenly couldn't resist and stood up to show that Eirban is wrong.
Turned out the tail was there!
He sat on the tail all along,
The tail 'died' anyways.

So after exams,
Went for lunch and went home.
Chinese wasn't that hard,
I never said it was easy.

2 more exams to go,
And freedom!!!!

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