January 25, 2008

Random Post.

Not in the mood at the moment,
I guess Kar Mern kinda spread her mood-less mood to me.

So boring, I guess I should start with school.
Today we had meetings for all the uniform societies.
Mine was PBSM,
Don't think that I joined PBSM just that I wanted to slack and all,
Well, okay, I admit, I joined during Form 1 hoping that I'll have a easier life than other groups.
Turned out I joined in drilling, emergency rescue and all other PBSM stuff.

Drilling is really drilling,
Tiring and all,
And I thought PBSM didn't have to drill,
Dumb me.
And I still don't really know how to handle injured people,
How useless could I be ._.

Okay, back to the meeting.
So all the big posts have been hogged mostly by those Form 4 students,
Left AJKs for each respective form.
For form 3,
Blake and Eirban was like shouting my name,
But Navindran didn't hear it,
And Yi Shen got the post,
I didn't really mind,
But he seldom appears for PBSM meetings last year.

Later on, Pn. Chong came in,
And she called out all the AJKs,
Yi Shen didn't turn up and she wiped off his name instantly.
She asked for a new person and those basketball gang said CKS,
While Blake and Eirban tried to shout my name again.
I can say I helped Pn. Chong enough that she could remember me,
And she just put my name there.

After everything,
I still had to push the chairs back to the other class,
Those students take chairs and never put it back,
Make more work for others,
Arif also got pulled in for passing by the class.

There was suppose to be some deep post after this,
But nothing is coming to my mind.
I shall post something shallow then.

I really cannot come up with something,
Still got quite a stack of homework waiting me to devour them and spit the remains out.
And I have the Chinese calligraphy competition tomorrow!!
Wish me luck,
Well, even though it is impossible for me to win -.-

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