January 14, 2008

Caught in the Middle.

I don't know whether should I go for PMD or not ._.
(Program Maju Diri)
I have a feeling that Kentz will be offended if I write too much,
But never mind.

Why should I go?
  1. Because it would be the right thing.
  2. Because quite some people are going.
  3. Because Kentz is one of the PEERS member in charge.
  4. Because skipping a day of school seems wrong.
  5. Because I don't know why.
Why shouldn't I go? (This is the part that I hope Kentz won't read)
  1. Because PMD is horrible, I attended PMD for the past two years and regretted for the past two years. All are the same, group, cheer, shouting, games, group work, public humiliation.
  2. Because I don't benefit from PMD, while others won't lose anything with the absents of me.
  3. Because I think staying at home will be a better choice, although I might not do my homework, I still think it is better for me to stay at home, because ANYTHING is better than PMD.
  4. Because most of my friends aren't going.
  5. Because I most probably be sent into a group where I need to do everything.
  6. Because I might get tortured by Kentz.
  7. Because I'm not those sporting type.
  8. Because I have permission from my parents.
  9. Because I will have to sit on the floor for the whole day. (Back ache. Ouch.)
  10. Because if I don't do whatever those I-am-the-boss-of-you I'll probably be dead.
  11. Because I can go on with this forever.
So what now?
I still don't know.
Can some one out there show me the way?

Back to life.
Something happened in school today,
(Anything below are of what I've heard of)
An Indian guy, from 3 Gamma (my neighbour),
Dropped from the 2nd or 3rd floor (do remember the existence of ground floor),
Just imagine,
Schools set up metal grills in between each block to prevent students from going here and there.
So if we want to cross to the other block,
We'll have to go to the 1st floor and cross,
Then only we can go back up.
The victim wanted to take the short cut across,
So he climbed out of the corridor,
And tried to go to the other side.
He slipped,
And fall.

Points that contribute to this.
  1. We all were called down for a meeting of some sort. The teachers wanted to find eye witnesses. The vice-headmistress told us not to climb, and not to take short cuts. I guess that is clear enough.
  2. The man-hole and the bottom was cracked into 2 pieces.
  3. Our Malay teacher told us not to spread rumours of that person being pushed down, he fell by himself.
That is enough I guess.
Some people just don't understand 'safety first'.

Still thinking...

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