January 15, 2008

To "My Beloved Friend"

You got angry,
I was kinda worried that I will lose a good friend,
So I decided to go to the PMD.

I reached school,
You still look angry and all,
I don't know why.

You said you got bullied for 3 days just to be with us,
I don't really believe it,
I don't know why,
Maybe 'cause I don't really see the 'be with us' part.

You talked as if you are the boss of me,
Even when I was present for something that I really didn't like.
And I don't know who you are anymore,
I just hate the way you order me to come for the next day.
And my friend,
You threaten me that if I'm not present,
You will not talk to me forever.
So called friend,
I don't know who you are anymore.

I told myself,
If I regret going to PMD,
I will not talk to you anymore,
But still,
I try to convince myself that I never regret it.
I don't know where is thing going to.

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