January 10, 2008

I'll never change.

Went IOI today,
Had to do some stationary shopping.
My dad didn't give me money T_T
He made me bring my own money T_T

I saw a lot of people there,
Those I-know-them-but-not-that-familiar type.
I was selecting which correction tape,
Which glue tape,
Checking the length and prices,
Checking which is cheaper,
Mathematics in life =)

I went to the komsas shelf,
(Malay literature)
I couldn't find any books suitable for me,
All were Form 1 and Form 2 books,
None of them were Form 3!
I kept checking and checking,
And still, I couldn't find any.

Kinda sad,
So I walked around looking for other stuff,
Pens, scissors and erasers.
I saw a book on a shelf of other stuff,
I just took a look,
At that time I was thinking,
"Yea right, as if that would be THE book I'm looking for"
It is like God helping me!
For you, it might be just a mere coincidence,
But it was unbelievable!

So I queued up,
It was a long queue.
A total of RM50.97,
My pocket ._.
Met up with my father,
Bought Meltz and the Triple XL Burger at KFC.
I still think KFC is better than McDonald's.

Oh ya,
About the title,
This year,
I thought that,
I would change,
As in finishing my homework earlier,
Instead of the last minute work for the whole last year.
It didn't happen,
I guess I need more determination ._.

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