January 31, 2008

An Unsatisfied Customer

In school,
Nothing much.
Pn. Chong asked me to be the second Quarter Master,
My duty is to be in charge of the first aid kit of the school.
Hope I don't do anything wrong.

Got lectured by Navindran.
I guess I should be more alert the next time,
Need to be better at emergency rescues.

Left study group early,
Kinda guilty,
Went Giant with Hui Teng and Josh instead.
Sorry ._.

Walked to Giant,
Wanted to eat Pizza Hut.
So we went in Pizza Hut,
And started chatting.
Mushroom soup and cheese sticks came first,
Which wasn't included in my set.
Later on,
Josh's spaghetti came,
And next was my rice set.
We almost finished our food,
And Hui Teng couldn't wait,
So she asked me to remind the waiter again.
Finished our food,
Reminded another waitress this time.
Still nothing.
Hui Teng couldn't wait,
So we decided to stop waiting,
And pay for those we ate.
I told the cashier :
"My friend ordered pizza but it didn't come. We reminded the waiters 2 times and waited for almost an hour. We decided to cancel the pizza because we couldn't wait."
So the cashier couldn't do anything and canceled it.
In the end,
We paid for Josh and my food.
They even excluded Hui Teng's soup,
And the cashier only said sorry once.
Reminds me of the Sushi King incident,
Where that aunt shouted vulgar at the people there.
Epic =D

They bought what they needed,
And I called my father to fetch us.
Thanks dad =D

Tomorrow got to do checkpoint for the road run again, (or field run -.-)
Hope I don't mess up x_x

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