January 27, 2008

The Shower Theory

It has something to do with Christianity,
Some how related with the conversation I had with Kentz yesterday night.

The Shower Theory

You know,
After taking a shower,
We will all feel refreshed and comfortable,
When we shower,
We just hope that the coolness will stay forever.

Christians, like me,
When we praise and worship God,
We have this, 'high' feeling,
As though the Lord's presence is here,
And of course,
We want it to stay forever.
As Kentz say,
It is kind of impossible to stay that way in this evil world.

So during the dry days,
I'll listen to some Christian songs to like,
Sprinkle water on us.

Then again,
If we shower forever,
Or be in that worshipping mood forever,
The Fish in Bowl Theory comes in.

If we constantly live in water,
We will think that the whole world is water,
And once the fish jumps out of the bowl,
No water,

Fishes don't appreciate water too.

So like us humans,
If we are constantly in this so called 'safe zone',
We will be very vulnerable to the outside world.

Imagine you have participated a cross country race,
After sweating the whole day,
You just want a bath.

Ahh~ extra refreshing eh?
Same like the praise and worship.
If we have it everyday,
It will become a routine,
Which is boring.

So spend a time to praise and worship,
Like weekly or something,
And have sprinkles during the other days.

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