January 6, 2008

School, Ugh.

2 days of rest isn't enough,
Even though I only had 2 days of school.
Walking to school,
Sitting in class,
Listening to teacher's babbling,
I seriously find it hard to find joy in school.
I mean, the friends are not enough,
Can't really cover the pain from the teachers.

To think that I still have many years more to study,
Then I'll go out to work which is also horrible,
Live seems pointless at this point of view.
But still, there is 1 reason to live, which is for God.
Going to church these days are the best form of pleasure I can find nowadays.

Continue with my school,
I'll have to read up the Malay novel titled Panas Salju,
Don't ask me what is it about,
I'm not really sure either,
It's in Malay,
And Malay isn't one of my strong points.
Reading a novel in Malay...
Not liking it.

1 comment:

Angelica said...

You are very young...but write incredibly well.

You may or may not have heard it before.