January 30, 2008


I'm really bored,
Nothing to do.
Forums are getting boring,
Friendster group has no new posts,
Blog has no comments to reply.
No blogs with new posts to read.

*suddenly rains*

Cool, out of a sudden,
I like rain,
Smells nice to,
All the heat, dryness and dullness washed out.
If only I can go stand in the middle of the rain and act like I'm some person finally breaking away from this terrible life.
What the heck,
I'm crapping now.

*was chewing Toblerones earlier*
Want some?

I need some nice topic to blog about,
Let me talk about boredom as a start.
I still remember when I didn't have a computer,
I keep saying 'boring' the whole day,
Aiya, so boring lah...
Then after getting a computer and internet and all,
Life is less boring,
Or should I say that the computer burns away my time.
I just don't have anything better to do,
Oh yea,
I can always read books, newspapers, study previous topics,
But no, I don't do those stuff.
How can some bored person possibly do something that will bore him or her more?
Unless they think of it as something fun to do,
Yea, not me.

Maybe I should go revive my PSP,
Get an interest in something,
Or continue to be the bored person I am now.
I feel like going to sleep ._.
Hey, I should watch some TV too,
Since I didn't sit down and watch with full concentration for a long time.
Or maybe I should go watch a movie,
Yea, I'll have to drive my father's car there.

If only I know what my interests are,
But I'm so boring and dull,
Nothing much I can do at home,
Do homework?
I hate doing homework,
But I still have to do.
*imagine some teachers going to class and starts to say about this 'I hate homework' statement*
A lot of teachers start to mention about blogs in classes these days,
For example :
"I really wanna hit you, but later some one will take picture and put it in the blog"
Please, enough with the blogs,
We get it.

Reading is boring,
Doing homework is boring,
No friends to chat with,
Online and offline.
I really need to gain interest in something.
Start learning about HTMLs?
No, no, not LITERALLY flashing,
I meant Adobe Flash type of Flash-ing.
Oh my, I even boring myself now.

I need some thing to do ._.
I need to improve my English, Chinese and Malay,
Damn, face it,
I need improvement in everything.
I can't possibly go study in this mood,
Even if I did,
I probably start snoring.

What kind of post is this,
Sorry if I'm boring you.
You can leave if you want.

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Jarod said...

Oi!!!! sO boring ahhh....Looks like u need to get rid of this word and replace with INTERESTING! WAHAHAHAH....Happy CNY!

FRM Non Other than DOraJ<<<