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CCC - Chinese Calligraphy Competition.

Reached school around 7.00 a.m.
Josh burned a Jay Chou CD for me,
Thanks =)
Pushed off around 7.30 a.m.

A lot of people were there,
Around 200 according to the MC.
Waited, and waited,
Started quite some time later.

Had to write it on the floor,
Oh no.
It was so uncomfortable,
And so troublesome,
I need a table ._.

Spent some time practising even though the competition started,
Used up 40 minutes and didn't notice it,
So I just scribbled it.

I spent 40 minutes writing this word,
Nothing much eh?

After that I wrote the second word, which was terrible,
And did it all over again.

Left 20 minutes!!


End product :

Put it together....


And ta-dah~!

I seem to have found some weak points of mine.
1. Need to write bolder.
2. Need to practice more.
3. Need to write in traditional Chinese characters.

I know that I can write some nice words,
But it happens maybe 1 in 10 times,
So to make all 10 words nice,
It will be 1 in 100 times.


Before they told us the results,
They prepared many performances,
It includes traditional dancing,
Modern dance,
Diabolo (扯铃 chě líng),
And even a whole orchestra thing O.O
All the students are from SMK Seri Kembangan,

There was 1 more amazing act,
The diabolo,
But I didn't manage to record that,
No point also,
The thing looks so small in my phone.
I need a handy cam now ._.
Or a 10GB digital camera =D

A video of various Chinese martial arts,
The only presentable video I guess,
And the 1st video in this blog =O

ps. sorry for the shaking and all


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