January 17, 2008

My Condolences to my Indian friend.

(I'm not so sure about the spellings of his name)

News broke out,
He died this morning.
A very, very sad thing,
Considering that he was only Form 3,
And he is the only child in his family,
Very sad indeed.

This is the story I heard from Visvani,
A relative of the deceased.
She said that on the day he fell from the school building,
The doctors say that his brain isn't working anymore,
He had to depend on a machine of some sort to breathe.
According to Visvani,
The parents of the deceased had an agreement with the doctor to stop using the machine,
Which means to let him pass away.

Some Indians in my class cried,
Mainly Visvani because she is a relative to him.
The news about his death spread out like wildfire,
And Visvani also said that the cousin brother of the deceased is going to sue the school for not having proper safety precautions.

Yesterday, when I was walking back home,
I saw his dog howling,
As if it was crying.
And I just had the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Life is really fragile,
So we must all appreciate the like that God gave us.
Love ourselves =)
And also everyone else.

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