September 27, 2008


The 1 week + 2 days Raya holidays have already started,
But even on the very first day,
I am bored.

Studies will just have to come in later,
I am really not in the mood right now.

Maybe I should practise Chinese Calligraphy,
Or find a box of jigsaw puzzles to do.

Just so bored.

Plus the badminton these days are killing my arm,
For a person who did not exercise for months playing badminton 2 hours in 2 days,
I think I have an excuse to just sit down and slack around.

And my pair of sport shoes became duck shoes,
Time for a new pair?

I miss ping pong,
Why can't someone invent some ping pong playing robot to practise with me so I wouldn't have to trouble others?

I hate you,
You made all my friends stay at home,
Leaving me all alone to discover the truths of this dark and condemned world ._.

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