September 3, 2008

Complaining that I'm bored yet again.

I'm so bored.
Nothing to do.

How am I suppose to study in this moody mood.
I feel like sleeping the whole day or just listening to the songs I love.

School is quite boring too,
Besides reading my books,
I can't find anything else better to do.
Maybe I should start studying for my coming major exams?

Downloaded Babylon A.D.,
Was as disappointing as what other critics said.

*a lost for words to type*

I just feel so down,
I don't even know why,
Maybe it has been such a part of my life,
It has already become the 'default' mode for my feelings.

Note to self,
I've found another hobby!
Checking for definitions for some particular words on the Internet!
As nerdy as it may sound,
I actually enjoy doing that.
English is my favourite language,
And there's no limit to it.

By the time I'm satisfied with one of my subjects,
Is the time I score 100% or something near that,
Or maybe winning some competition related to it.

Back to English,
Of course,
No one understands every single word we read,
But most of us don't really care and move on without clearly understanding that word.

What the heck am I crapping about,
I'm boring myself now.

I just wish to be better in English ...

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